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Cloud Based Data Automation, Scrubbing, and Reconciliation
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Cloud Based Data Automation, Scrubbing, and Reconciliation

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DataRECONCILER is for anyone who works with spreadsheets or other data and frequently needs to compare two data sets or lists and find differences between them. DataRECONCILER will perform the comparison faster and more accurately than you could do on your own, especially with larger data sets.

The tool does not require the data to be in any specialized form or template. Simply upload any type of data in a row and column listing format; such as Microsoft Excel™ file format or a CSV (comma separated value) file format to the online DataRECONCILER engine to do the comparisons.


DataPULLER is a tool for scheduling automated data retrieval from websites and FTP servers. This tool can be configured to retrieve data files on any type of schedule such as daily, weekly, monthly, and more. DataPULLER is a highly customizable system that can be configured to pull all available files or even specific files from the server.

Once DataPULLER gets your data, it can be configured to feed this data directly into DataSCRUBBER, DataRECONCILER, or it can even be used in a custom reporting package. In addition to frequent reports, the system can notify you when data is not available or when there may be some problem with the data. This can be extremely useful in situations that require closely monitoring the data.


DataFORMATTER is an ideal means for configuring data to be easily read by man or machine. DataFormatter can merge, modify, and reformat data from multiple files allowing the user to save these tasks as a reproducible job.

When used in conjunction with DataPULLER, DataFORMATTER gives you complete control of when and how to view your data.


DataSCRUBBER is a fully customizable rules based data validation and consolidation engine. This tool can collapse, clean, and sort your data based on rules that you define. It is great for flagging and / or removing data entry errors. In addition, this tool is completely transparent. It will list out and label every record removed in an easy to understand audit trail. DataSCRUBBER allows you to save your rules to re-run future files. There is no need to setup the rules each time you need them. Simply set them up once and they will be there for your next data update!

DataSCRUBBER should be the first tool in an Auditor's toolbox!

If you have questions, would like a free site demo, quote, or need a customized solution, please contact Charles Gabriel at:

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Additional product information is available on the DataTREK product page on EMA Softech's website .
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